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Find location by phone number online without installing software! Our robust phone number locator can identify the accurate location of any phone number on the map, regardless of carrier and brand.

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Our phone number locator can work seamlessly on any mobile network operators such as Versizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and more.

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Mobitracker is compatible with all mobile phone brands, helping you find any lost Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Google or Apple devices.

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Our accurate mobile location tracker can locate any phone with number in USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Mexico and more in minutes.

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This phone locator by number is in compliance with GDPR policy, and can only be activated with the permission of requested person.

How to Locate a Phone Number?

How Does Mobile Number Locator Work?

mobile phone locator
GPS Satellites Signals
Mobitracker receives signals from a constellation of GPS satellites orbiting the Earth and determines the exact location of a mobile phone.
Geolocate WiFi Points
Our phone number locator will request information about all WiFi hotspots the device has ever been connected to.
Cell Tower Triangulation
By employing data from the cell tower closest to the target mobile phone, it can locate a phone number with ease.
Location Calculation
Combined with GPS satellites, WiFi, and cell tower, Mobitracker can estimate the device's location in a specific area.
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One-stop GPS Phone Locator by Number

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    Locate any Phone Number

    With inbuilt GPS positioning system, Mobitracker can find location by phone number via satellites and show real-time location on the interactive map. It can track someone's location with the smallest margin of error. It will be helpful when you need to locate your children, elderly parents, and loved ones for safety concern. You can find the precise address including the current country, state, city, street name on the exact timestamp and date.
    locate any phone number
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    Find My Lost Android & iPhone

    Whether you need to track a lost or turned off cell phone, Mobitracker is here to help! This mobile number locator can search any Android or Apple smartphones and tablets in minutes, without prior activation of Apple iCloud or Android Find My Device. Even if the cell phone is offline, Mobitracker will identify the last known location with ease. Instantly locate a lost or missing cell phone by number!
    find my lost android iphone
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    IP Tracker with Phone Number

    Want to track an IP address exact location? Our IP tracker with phone number will detect the exact coordinates on the map. It will reveal the precise latitude and longitude of a specific mobile number being tracked on the exact timestamp. Simply type in the phone number and find the exact location online!
    ip tracker with phone number
  • 04/ 5

    SIM Location Tracker

    Can I track a SIM card location? Yes, Mobitracker will identify the phone number associated with the SIM card to find your device's location. Even if the SIM card is removed or the cell phone is switched off, our mobile phone locator will track the last known location of your device before disconnecting and narrow it to a small area. You'll finally see the precise location of the cell phone on Google Map.
    sim location tracker
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    Cell Phone Carrier Lookup

    Get information about the cell phone carrier associated with any number worldwide. Simply type in the phone number and Mobitracker will lookup the real-time cell phone carrier and address in minutes! Thus, you'll be able to identify and bypass invalid phone numbers from the database.
    cell phone carrier lookup
User Reviews and Testimonials of Mobitracker
I was blown away by the ease of use of this phone number locator. Just a few minutes to track down my lost phone using the phone number and Google Maps. The location was precise, and I was able to recover my phone in no time!
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Marketing Manager
Financial Analyst
Civil Engineer
Nurse Practitioner
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a phone number locator?

A phone number locator is an app or online tool that uses mobile number to find a device location on the map. It can provide geolocation results such as the phone's exact coordinates, network name, timestamp and more.

How does phone locator work?

Mobile phone locator works by employing GPS satellites, WiFi points and cell tower triangulation technology to determine a phone's location. GPS devices receive satellites signals and calculate the distance to track mobile phone location.

How to locate someone by phone number?

Mobitracker is one of the best cell phone number locator options. All you need is to create a Mobitracker account, type in phone number and find a person's location online. It does not require any professional skill to work. In just a few clicks, you can track someone location such as your friends, elderly parents or kids, and keep connected.

How to locate a phone number on Google Maps?

Google Maps allows you to locate a contact or lost device if it's connected to Google account. Launch Google Maps on your device, go to Profile > Location sharing > Select and send a link to track a phone number on Google Maps.

Is there a free phone tracker through number?

Yes, a wide range of free location tracker by phone number are available on the market. It's advisable to choose one that combines ease of use, accurate location result, wide compatibility and more. For example, you can use free phone locator such as Google Maps, Apple's Find My, etc.

Can you find an address with phone number?

Yes, Mobitracker goes beyond basic phone number locator. In the user spcace, you can quickly locate address lookup feature and get address by entering telephone number. It employs public database to provide accurate address, carrier associated with the number.

How to find a lost cell phone by number?

Both built-in service and third-party phone number location tracker allow you to search a lost or misplaced smartphone. They work by using your phone's GPS signals to pinpoint the location and show it on the map.

How fast can Mobitracker find my device location by phone number?

It only takes less than 1 minute to find phone location by number online. However, if the smartphone is turned off or dead, it may require longer time to process location tracking request and you can only access last known location.

Do I need to install software to locate a phone number?

No, you can locate any phone number without installing software or accessing target device. Mobitracker lets you effortlessly find someone's location or track down a lost device with just phone number. No extra steps or professional skill is needed.

Can you track a landline phone number?

Yes, Mobitracker also comes with reverse lookup tool. It allows you to identify a landline phone number's address and other information associated with the number.

Is there a limit to phone tracker by number?

Mobitracker enables you to send 5 phone search requests in one day. However, you can locate any phone number online, regardless of its phone carrier, models or brands. This cell phone number locator is not limited to tracking iPhone from another Android phone, as long as it's connected to the internet.

What is the best site to track a phone number?

To pick up a best phone number locator, it's important to consider factors including ease of use, location accuracy, pricing, compatibility and more. A best mobile locator can track exact location of any phone number on the map, without extra steps or complicated program needed.

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