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Lost phone locator by Mobitracker can be your perfect solution to tracking a lost Android, iPhone or Samsung device on Google Maps. Simply type in phone number and find your lost cell phone location in one click!

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Our lost phone finder can track any iPhone, Android and Samsung smartphone by number, regardless of their phone carrier or brands.

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Powered by GPS satellites and cell towers, Mobitracker can find live mobile location in minutes and show it on the map.

Work Anywhere

No matter where the phone gets lost or misplaced, lost phone tracker can determine mobile location worldwide such as in USA, UK, Mexico.

No App Installation

There is no need to install any software or access target device. Just enter the number and Mobitracker gets to work.

How to Locate a Phone Number?

How Does Lost Phone Locator Work?

lost phone finder
GPS phone tracker
The inbuilt GPS receiver communicates with satellites orbiting the Earth and send signals to the phone, allowing it to calculate precise location.
WiFi triangulation
Our lost phone finder uses nearby WiFi networks to estimate the phone's location, when your phone is connected to the WiFi hotspots.
Cell tower
While less accurate than GPS and WiFi, cell tower triangulation can provide a general area where the lost phone is located.
IP Located
Mobitracker employs IP address tracker to narrow down the search area and provide exact longitude and latitude of cell phone.
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Incredible Features of Lost Phone Locator

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    Locate My Android Phone by Number

    Find my lost Android phone without activating Google Find My Device! Android phone finder can track a lost, misplaced phone by number online with just a few clicks. Even if your Android device is turned off and SIM card has been removed, Mobitracker can search its last known location.
    locate my android phone by number
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    Find a Lost iPhone without iCloud

    Mobitracker allows you to track an iPhone location from another iPhone or Android device with ease. It does require the prior activation of Apple Find My iPhone or iCloud. Just enter any iPhone number and find a lost iPhone even when it is turned off. You even can track someone's dead iPhone if your family member lost their cell phone.
    find a lost iphone without icloud
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    Find My Lost Samsung Mobile

    Remotely locate lost Samsung mobile, tablet or watch by entering phone number online! Samsung phone locator will search missing or turned off cell phone location and display it on the interactive map, without activation of Samsung Find My Mobile.
    find my lost samsung mobile
User Testimonials of Lost Phone Finder
Mobitracker is a lifesaver! I was able to track down my lost iPhone within minutes and the real-time location updates ensured I never felt lost.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What to do if I lost my phone?

There are some things you can do when your phone gets lost: 1. Report the phone loss or theft to carrier, police or insurance company 2. Remotely lock or erase the device for further protection 3. Change all stored passwords and alert contacts 4. Try to enable 'Find My iPhone' or 'Find My Device' feature for lost phone tracking 5. Employ third-party phone locator by number such as Mobitracker

Can I track a lost phone on Google Maps?

Yes, you can locate a lost cell phone on Google Maps if you have enabled location sharing before and the device is connected to the internet. Google Maps will provide real-time location of the device, battery percentage and other information.

Can a police track a phone that is turned off?

Yes, but it can be a little challenging than when the device is on. The police can find device location that is turned off using IMEI number. It will determine the last known location once the smartphone is switched back on.

How to find lost Android phone?

Inbuilt Find My Device feature can help to locate lost Android phone. You can simply log into Google account and allow Find My Device to remotely locate, ring, lock or even erase the Android device. However, this feature should be enabled before the phone gets lost. Alternatively, you can employ Android device tracker like Mobitracker. It can remotely find lost Android phone by number online, without accessing target device or activating Find My feature.

How to find a lost iPhone without Find My iPhone?

Instead of prior activation of Find My feature, you can try several innovative ways to find a lost iPhone free even when it is turned off. 1. Contact mobile carriers that offer location tracking service. 2. Use Apple Watch to locate a lost iPhone if it has been logged into the same Apple account 3. Use IMEI tracker to determine the approximate location of missing iPhone 4. Employ Google Maps to find last location of your lost iPhone 5. Use a professional iPhone finder by number to search your lost or turned off iPhone instantly.

How to track an iPhone location from another iPhone?

Apple's Find My app allow you to find an iPhone from another iPhone. Simply log into iCloud, select lost device from the menu and find it on the Apple Map. Or you can use Mobitracker to locate an iPhone with another Android or iPhone device online. Type in the target phone number and see accurate location on the map.

Can I find a lost phone with IMEI number online free?

Yes, online IMEI tracker and mobile apps allow you to find a missing device by IMEI number for free. However, most of them can only provide the approximate or last known location of mobile phone. It's advisable to use GPS phone number locator for improved accuracy of location.

How to find someone else's iPhone?

Both Apple locator and Mobitracker allow you to locate someone else's iPhone location. You can remotely find a friend's iPhone to keep connected, locate kid's lost device by simply entering phone number. No technical skill is required during the lost phone search process.

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