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Our cell phone carrier lookup tool is compatible with all network providers such as Google Fi Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon and more.

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How to Find Carrier by Phone Number?

How Does Cell Phone Carrier Lookup Work?

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Public Database
Mobitracker employs extensive public database to provide up-to-date carrier and address information of any cell phone number.
Network Signaling Analysis
Our phone carrier check tool will identify the cell phone carrier handling the communication and associate it with the phone number.
Landline Numbers Lookup
This carrier lookup tool will compare the non-VoIP numbers with information in the database and extract information on it.
Mobile Numbers Lookup
VoIP numbers will be checked in a vast public database, delivering precise phone carrier information for the number.
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One- Click Phone Carrier Lookup by Number

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    Accurate Cell Phone Carrier Lookup

    Mobitracker employs the public database to lookup phone carrier by number online! It links with extensive network of worldwide mobile operators and provides the most accurate and up-to-date accurate carrier information, address and search date. Simply enter phone number and find exact carrier information now!
    accurate cell phone carrier lookup
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    Separate Landline Numbers from Mobile Numbers

    This lookup tool will identify if a phone number is registered to Google (grand central) - svr or Skype Communication SVRL. You can distinguish between VoIP number and non-VoIP number to detect suspicious phone number, enhance communication efficiency or improve business database.
    separate landline numbers from mobile numbers
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    Unlimited Reverse Carrier Lookup

    Our reverse phone number lookup has the ability to find carrier without any limitation or restriction. Whether you're conducting people search or verifying information, Mobitracker can help you out. You can send unlimited cell phone number carrier lookup requests with a 5-minute interval.
    unlimited reverse carrier lookup
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My go-to tool for identifying unknown callers! Mobitracker provides up-to-date carrier information and even a novice can navigate it effortlessly!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to find out the carrier of a phone number?

To check phone number for carrier, line type, address and more, you can employ Mobitracker. This reverse cell phone carrier lookup tool can find out the carrier of a phone number by employing extensive public database.

How to identify a SIM network?

To find out who your SIM card carrier is, you can follow 4 tips: 1. Check the Logo on Your SIM Card 2. Check your phone bill 3. Go to Phone Settings 4. Enter the target phone number in Mobitracker and get SIM card carrier.

Can I lookup cell phone carrier free?

Yes, several cell phone number lookup carrier tools are available online. You can choose one that suits your specific needs. However, not all of them provide accurate and up-to-date carrier information.

How to identify if it is a landline or mobile phone number?

With Mobitracker's mobile carrier by number tool, you can identify if a phone number is on mobile or landline. It will tell if a number is registered with Google (grand central) - svr or any other carrier. Simply type in phone number to find carrier.

What's the difference between VoIP number and Non-VoIP number?

VoIP numbers are fixed and attached to physical address, while Non-VoIP mobile numbers are not restricted to a specific phone line or physical address.

How long does it take to look up phone number carrier?

Mobitracker relies on publicly available database and it works instantly. Once you enter the phone number, it will match the carrier associated with the number and retrieve the information.

How to check phone carrier on Android?

To find your network provider on Android, simply go to the device's Settings > About > Model & Hardware/ Then scroll down to tap SIM status and find out Android phone carrier under 'Network'.

Can I check phone carrier by IMEI?

No, the IMEI number does not identify your phone carrier. The international mobile equipment identity is unique to your device and only identifies the device on a network.

Can I lookup carrier by phone number without them knowing?

Yes, our phone carrier checker will not contact or inform the user when searching or validating a phone number. It will find cellular carrier by number online in just a few clicks.

How to check if phone is carrier locked?

You can check phone carrier locked status by navigating to Settings > General > About > Carrier Lock. If it shows 'NO SIM restriction', it means that your phone is unlocked. If you purchased the smartphone from a carrier, you can check lock status and request an unlock.

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